Information  Technology 
Services for 

US Air Force 

U-Tech provides services to support the 325th Fighter Wing (FW), the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group (WEG), First Air Force (1 AF) and Air Forces Northern (AFNORTH). This includes the planning, coordination, and surveillance of the activities necessary to ensure disciplined work performance and timely resources application to accomplish all tasking. 

Tyndall Air Force Base experienced a temporary increase in workload due to the rebuild efforts following the Hurricane Michael devastation. The 325 FW, 53 WEG, 1AF and AFNORTH have a need for additional employees to aid in rebuilding efforts to efficiently and effectively meet increased mission needs.

U-Tech is responsible for and required to implement, and maintain management control systems necessary to plan, organize, direct, and control all activities in the following areas: 


System Administrator Services

U-Tech performs system resource management, to include load and capacity planning and balance. We create, administer, and audit system accounts, perform system-wide backups and data recovery. We ensure continuing systems operability by providing ongoing optimization and problem solving.

  • We utilize enterprise patching tools to implement security updates to include: 

  • Information AssuranceVulnerability Assessments (IAVA)

  • C4 Notice to Airman (C4 NOTAM)

  • Time Compliance Network Orders (TCNO)

  • Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO)

  • Operating system patches

  • Antivirus software updates

U-Tech implements and enforces national, DoD, and Air Force security policies and directives. We perform proactive security functions to deter, detect, isolate, contain, and recover from information system and network security intrusions.

Network Engineer Services

U-Tech provides network engineering services to support CONR-1AF (AFNORTH) in the management, operation, design, and architecture review of multiple network enclaves within the AFNORTH theater, spanning the continental United States.

We are responsible for the implementation and integration of communication networks in support of the CONUS NORAD Region and AFNORTH mission sets. We create, maintain, and modify network components, creating security policies to address vulnerabilities within the enterprise, reviewing architecture modification proposals, developing theater network solutions to ensure and robust reliability, and providing current and target documentation topology diagrams.

Cable and Antenna System Services

U-Tech provides Outside Plant (OSP) and Inside Plant (ISP) cabling/wiring maintenance and installation of base owned communications cable systems.

We install fiber optic cable to include both single mode and multi-mode design, terminate and test completed work, we ensure Technical Order, commercial, and local specifications are met. We install associated equipment such as Building Entrance Protectors (BEPs), fiber optic splice cases, patch panels, tracer cables, equipment racks, fiber optic jumpers, and fiber optic inner duct.

U-Tech installs and troubleshoots connectivity to equipment including various routers, switches as required to support Local Area Networking on the Tyndall AFB computer systems. We install premise wiring and peripheral devices to provide voice and data connectivity in facilities where base services are required. We provide knowledge for planning, analysis, design, development, testing, configuration, integration, maintenance, and/or administration of network systems including LANs, WANs, MANs, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Internet/Intranet systems, and premise wiring in support of voice and data requirements.

Electronic Security Systems Services

U-Tech reviews the operational status of sensor subsystems ensuring all required testing procedures are followed. 

We ensure MAJCOM/SF and AFSFC (ANG/A4SX for ANG forces) are advised promptly of any base/site activities that will impact the IBDSS program. This includes mission changes resulting in increase or decrease of resources, reconfiguration of resource areas, and construction of facilities on or in the vicinity of current and/or planned sensor locations.